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Have you moved to Texas recently? Is your air duct over ten years old? Don’t know what to do with the fluctuating and extreme temperatures? You need the heating and cooling system to work proficiently.

How To Get Optimum Indoor Temperature?

Hire a professional for HVAC installation for central air conditioning. But just installing the HVAC isn’t the answer. Contact ductwork installation companies to enjoy efficient, outstanding, and comfortable indoor climate control.
We are the pro in Texas for providing expert HVAC installation, replacement, and maintenance service. We are also known for comprehensive air duct installation work in commercial and residential properties.

Why Opt For Air Duct Installation?

Whether opting for a central AC unit or an HVAC system, ducted air conditioning offers efficient airflow and adjustable air vents for each room to enjoy precise temperature control.

Central AC Unit Air Ducts: These traditional air duct systems keep rooms cool. The system requires an air handling unit and a fan coil unit to circulate the cold air through the air ducts placed across the property’s roof.

HVAC Air Ducts: The heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system is equipped to provide both heating and cooling, making it an ideal machine for year-round use and climate control. Air ducts for this system can be placed on the floor or roof of the property to provide the optimum temperature.

What Does Our Air Duct Installation Service Entails?

A professional from our company with years of experience will assess the property for new air duct installation and indoor and outdoor units with fan coils and carry out the following steps to ensure the job is done properly.

1. Assessment
Check the property’s layout and identify the hot and cold spots, windows, and insulations.

2. Planning
Design the air duct system routing across the property and find a conducive location for the outdoor and indoor units.

3. Installing Indoor Unit
The fan coil unit is installed on the roof, which is vital for correct placement as it will affect the system’s efficiency.

4. Sealing The Air Duct Joints
Ducts are not a single unit. They require the joining of several ducts through bends and turns. We ensure there are no leaks with proper taping.

5 Installing Outdoor Unit
It is the condenser and is placed in an area that enables sufficient airflow and easy accessibility.

6. Air Duct Installation
Ductwork can be installed on the roof or floor of the property, where vents are fitted to the ceiling or floor to ensure efficient airflow and circulation.

7. Electrical Wiring
The system is wired safely and hooked to the property’s power supply, and our licensed electrician does it, complying with Texan rules and standards.

8. Testing
Experts will ensure there are no leaks, proper system drainage, and controls and thermostats are working correctly.

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Considerations Air Duct Installation? We have got you covered!

Air Duct CleanUp

Why Hire Us For Your Air Duct Central AC Unit?

There are many air duct installation companies in Texas, but there are few USPs that set us apart from the rest.

1. Use Of Latest Tools
We have the experience, knowledge, and specialized tools to warrant the safe and optimized performance of the system.

2. Adhere To Texan Standards
At ‘ Air Duct Cleanup,’ we adhere to the standards and rules set by Texas on air duct installation.

3. Warranty Protection
As professionals, we provide a warranty on the system installed and our work.

4. Affordable Air Duct Installation Cost
We offer affordable pricing with no hidden costs; we take pride in being transparent with our customers.

5. We Serve Major Texan Cities
While Dallas is our main city, we offer service across Texas in places like Plano, Fort Worth, Mesquite, Lewisville, The Colony, McKinney, Allen, and many more.

Why Get New Air Duct Installed?

Installing new air ducts when required is essential to warrant the optimized performance of the HVAC system or the central air conditioning unit and ensure it does not cause health issues. A broken or ineffective air duct unit can cause:

1. Health Issues
2. Increase in energy bills
3. Fire hazard
4. Decrease AC unit or HVAC life span
5. Improper cooling and heating
6. Irritating noise from the ducts

Call Texas’s air duct installation experts for your quote and comprehensive air duct installation service TODAY!

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Air Duct Installation Process

Proper air duct installation involves a series of essential steps to ensure optimal performance of your HVAC system. It begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the space to determine the layout and sizing needs. Next, meticulous planning and design consider airflow, insulation, and energy efficiency. The selected materials, whether sheet metal or flexible ducts, are precisely cut and assembled to match the layout requirements. To prevent air leakage, the ducts are securely connected and sealed. Finally, thorough testing is conducted to ensure adequate airflow and functionality before the system is ready for use. Contact us.

Our Air Duct installation 

  1. Design: The design phase involves meticulous planning to determine the optimal routes for ducts and placement of vents, as well as calculating the right size for your home. Material selection and room-specific cooling or heating requirements are also considered during this comprehensive design process.
  2. Plenum Installation: The plenum serves as the central hub that draws in and distributes air through the trunk line. It plays a crucial role in maintaining proper air pressure for efficient distribution throughout the entire house.
  3. Trunk Line Installation: The trunk line, comparable to the aorta, is the main duct that connects your furnace or AC unit to the rest of the system. It carries the majority of the air, running along the length of the house to evenly supply the smaller ducts.
  4. Smaller Air Duct Installation: The smaller air ducts, analogous to veins, are then installed, carefully spaced and routed. These ducts are attached to the trunk line, and great care is taken to ensure proper joints and seals are applied to prevent any potential leaks.
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Air Duct Installation for Superior Home Comfort

Invest in the comfort, efficiency, and longevity of your HVAC system with our expert air duct installation services. Whether you choose professional installation or embark on a DIY project, our goal is to ensure your home enjoys optimal airflow and consistent comfort. Contact us today to schedule your air duct installation and experience the difference expertise makes.