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Keep Germs At Bay With UV Air Purifier!

You must have heard of UV Air Purifier but always thought you didn’t need it. But are you getting affected by seasonal allergies more than before? Do you feel that your home’s air quality is deteriorating even when you have an HVAC system? This is because the contaminants in the air are not getting removed. It is time for you to invest in an air purifier with UV light.

What Is UV Air Purifier?

Ultra violet ray induced air purifiers, also often termed UV Air Filters, are equipment designed to make airborne elements like microorganisms and pathogens inactive with short-length ultraviolet light. The clean light air purifier efficiently removes indoor bacteria, mold, and airborne viruses. After the filtration, the air is released back into the room. However, it must be remembered that the UV air purifier HVAC system cannot effectively remove any volatile organic compounds from the air.

Types Of UV Air Purifiers

There are two types of UV air purifiers with ultra violet lights:

Stand-Alone UV Air Purifiers
These machines remove the pathogens only from a given area and have the capacity to treat the polluted air of a small area. Hence, the air purifier’s effectiveness can be compromised if the pathogen or pollution level is high.

Whole House Purifiers With UV Light
Whole-home air purifiers are known for eliminating pollutants before they reach the living space since they are placed in the home’s air supply. They are also known for increasing the efficiency of the HVAC system.

We offer the installation of stand-alone as well as whole-house air purifiers with UV light.

Why You Need a UV Air Purifier

If, like most people, you think an HVAC system can stay clean by itself and an air duct cleanup is all you need, then think again. HVAC system plays a vital role in keeping the indoor air healthy and clean, so maintaining the system is paramount. Do that by installing a UV light home air purifier. It helps to:

•    Improves indoor air quality
•    Removes airborne dust, debris, allergens, and pet dander
•    Kills bacteria and viruses
•    Prevents the pollutants from multiplying or reproducing to reinfect the house
•    Eliminates mold and mildew
•    Reduces odor
•    Saves on energy bills
•    Improve the airflow and efficiency of the HVAC system

When maintaining indoor air quality, you can keep your concerns aside by upgrading the house with a UV air purifier. It will improve the efficiency of the HVAC system and save energy, too.

How Does UV Air Purifier Clean The Air?

The working process of Air Purifiers with UV rays is quite simple. The UV light installed in the equipment alters, inactivates, or destroys the DNA of the microorganisms. Depending on the material used in the unique air purifiers, it can emit blueish light or be a clear light air purifier, where the latter’s emission is not visible to the human eyes.

UV Light Air Purifiers are typically a combination of filters like the HEPA filter and forced air system. Together with other mechanisms, UV light cleans the air. In these in-house HVAC UV light systems, the air is forced through the air purifier equipment and ventilated across the chamber fitted with lights that emit UV frequency.
The light is typically placed downstream in a portable UV air purifier for efficiency. However, several factors can impact the performance of the purifier:

•    Type of UV light
•    Quality of the UV light
•    Temperature of the place
•    Humidity

Most often, UV lights must be replaced yearly for optimum performance.

Committed To Use Cutting-Edge Technology
Our commitment to creating and maintaining a healthier, safer, pathogen and allergen-free indoor air quality for families, residents, employees, and customers is achieved with our advanced UV air purifier solutions in Texas. We are known for purchasing and supplying stand-alone and whole-house air purifiers with UV light that uses proven technology to kill airborne germs, viruses, and bacteria.

While masks can help block large droplets that carry pathogens and other germs that cause illness, the masks fail to prevent the aerosol particles that can lace the air. The UV light air purifier can disinfect such air by killing aerosol germs and improving people’s health.

For air purifiers with UV light, we depend on Air-Care™ to provide state-of-the-art healthy indoor air solutions. The HVAC UV light system air purifier we install provides continuous indoor air disinfection to protect the family and building from a range of pathogens, influenza, MRSA, and even COVID-19 viruses.

We collaborate extensively with Rotobrush® and Air-Care™ to offer unparalleled service to our customers at an affordable range. One such product that has stood the test of time, temperature, and weather variation is UVC MAX from Air-Care™. It is a versatile and smart air purifier with UV for HVAC systems with a wide range of settings that ensures healthy, safe air for both residential and commercial properties.

How Do We Install UV Air Purifier For You?

There are few steps involved in installing UV Air Purifier

Stand-Alone Air Purifier with UV Light
•    Visit your property
•    Check the UV Air Purifier
•    Plug it and check the functioning
•    Give you a demo and instructions in detail
•    Leave our contact number for any issues

HVAC UV Light System Purifier
•    Inspect the existing HVAC system
•    Find the proper place for the UV light air purifier to be mounted at the source of the air supply
•    Ensure the UV light of the air purifier does not shine and there is a UV-resistant material at the source of the HVAC system
•    Holes are drilled on the HVAC cover
•    Use the necessary precautions and covers to avoid prolonged exposure to harmful UV light rays
•    UV light is screwed to the place
•    UV light is plugged into the power supply and switched on
•    A thorough check is done to ensure the whole house air purifier with UV light is working without any issue

Why Trust Us With Your UV Light Home Air Purifier?

Apart from the fact that we offer the best air purifier with UV light in Texas, our dedicated experts provide a service with a proven track record that ensures healthy and disinfected indoor air solutions. We offer our service across all the major cities of Texas and are committed to providing healthy, safe, and pollution-free indoor air for every Texan.
At ‘Air Duct Cleanup,’ we offer an HVAC UV light system air purifier for residential and commercial spaces and also a stand-alone air purifier with UV light. We not only install but also maintain, service, and repair the UV air filters.
Contact us now to get yours and breathe healthy air TODAY!

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How is UV Light Used In Air Purification?

UV light, also known as ultraviolet light, is a type of electromagnetic radiation. It occurs naturally from the sun and can cause tanning or sunburns. While small amounts of UV light are beneficial, excessive exposure can be harmful to living tissue, leading to sunburns. When it comes to air pollutants like bacteria, mold spores, and pollen, UV light breaks down these biological materials, effectively eliminating them from the air in your home.

The effectiveness of a UV air purifier depends on various factors, including the duration of exposure, proximity of the light source to the bacteria, and the intensity of the light emitted. These factors should be carefully considered when selecting a UV air purifier to ensure optimal results. Moreover, by choosing AirDuct CleanUp to install your UV air purifier, you can further enhance its effectiveness and efficiency.

UVC Max 25

AirDuct CleanUp remains committed to incorporating the latest technologies in our pursuit of maintaining superior indoor air quality. Our collaborations with esteemed companies like Rotobrush® and Air-Care™ enable us to deliver exceptional services. The cutting-edge tools developed by these manufacturers effectively eliminate indoor air pollutants, fostering healthier living environments. For UV air purification, we rely on Air-Care’s state-of-the-art solutions, renowned for their excellence in enhancing indoor air quality.

One such remarkable product from Air-Care is the UVC Max 25, an ultraviolet light air purifier that offers both effectiveness and affordability. This 110-volt device is suitable for a wide range of settings, including homes, businesses, schools, and shopping centers. The UVC Max 25 utilizes ultraviolet light to eliminate biological and chemical contaminants, as well as unpleasant odors, within your home.

With its smart device compatibility, you can conveniently receive alerts on your phone regarding the bulb’s lifespan. The UVC Max 25 boasts an impressive bulb life of 12,000 hours and is backed by a one-year warranty. Moreover, its installation process is relatively straightforward, as it can be installed in various systems, including duct board units, metal ducts, and furnace units.

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UV-C Technology at Work!

Need UV Air Purifier?

Embrace the power of UV-C light to transform your indoor environment with our UV air purifiers. Enjoy the benefits of improved air quality, reduced allergens, and a fresher atmosphere. Contact us today to explore our range of UV air purifiers and take a significant step towards breathing cleaner, healthier air in your home or office.