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When Did You Call Air Duct Repair Service Last Time?

Did you know the World Health Organization reported that 3.2 billion people died in 2020 due to household air pollution? Are you uncomfortable in the room and not getting the optimized temperature even with the HVAC system? When was the last time you got the air ducts checked? Do you know with time, as the ducts age, they undergo wear and tear and even a hole in the ductwork?
This can result in collapse, breakdown, and even disconnected from the HVAC system. So, call for ductwork repair service if you hear a sound or foul smell or if the heating or cooling is compromised.

How Does Your Air Duct Get Damaged

The only way to reduce air duct repair costs is to get it serviced regularly and prevent it from getting damaged. Some of the common reasons that cause ductwork damage are:

• Animals: Rodents, birds, small animals, ants, and insects get into the ductwork for nesting, making holes in the ductwork and damaging it.
Moldbuildup: With time, moldbuildup causes the ducts to get hard, and it can break or collapse.
• Aging: A ductwork has a shelf life of 20-25 years with regular maintenance; aging can make it brittle and break it.
• Impact damage: Ductwork on the basement and attic can be exposed, and routine weather impact can cause leaky connections, dented sections, holes, and other damages.
• Improper maintenance: Lack of periodic maintenance and ductwork cleaning damages it faster.
Moisture exposure: Exposure of the ductwork to excessive moisture or water increases wear and tear.
Poor design: Placing ductwork requires in-depth designing. Without it, there will be improper installation, causing it to break or crack in places.

When To Call Air Duct Repair Company?

Some common indicators that require hiring air duct repair services are:

Inefficient Temperature Control
Is the HVAC system, AC, or heating system failing to maintain the optimum temperature of the rooms or taking longer than expected to cool or heat the space? The chances are ductwork can be damaged, and certified technicians are required to inspect and provide professional air duct replacement or repair services.

Inadequate Airflow
If you are facing a situation where one room cools or heats faster while the other has diminished airflow, the chances are the ductwork is either clogged or damaged. It will require an air duct, vent cleaning, and repair expert to provide the solution.

Sudden Surge In Energy Bills
Did you receive an energy bill higher than usual while everything works fine? It’s time to check the ductwork. Chances are there is a broken or damaged air duct, and it needs a duct work repair expert to inspect and repair or replace it.

Loud Noise
Is there a sudden loud noise from the basement attic ductwork whenever you switch the system on for cooling or heating? It is possible there is a hole in ductwork that needs replacing. Call a reputed air duct repair company.

Problems Caused By Damaged Air Ducts
Several issues arise when there is damaged ductwork. Some of them are:

Impacts the HVAC system: Leakage or hole in the ductwork causes improper airflow, making the machine work harder and reducing its lifespan.

Impacts on health: Damaged air ducts cause blockages, which result in bacteria, dirt, and allergen buildup affecting health.

Breakage of ductwork: Hot or cold air emitted from the HVAC system will be lost when there is a breakage in the duct seal, or the insulation of the ductwork is damaged.

Increased cost: Not only will the heating and cooling system’s overall wear and tear increase, causing you to change or repair different parts of the machine for its overworking but there will also be an increase in the energy bill.

Benefits Of Getting Your Duct Work Repair Service

Check your air conditioning, heating, or HVAC system before it’s too late to enjoy the benefits of early ductwork repair.

Efficient functioning of the system
Scheduled checks and inspections of the ductwork can identify problems like holes, gaps, tears, and leaks that impede the airflow and functioning of the system. Ensure it doesn’t happen.

Effective Heating & Cooling
Repaired ductwork helps the system to work smoothly and effectively, enabling the machine to provide better cooling and heating for a comfortable feeling.

Save On Future Expenses
Early checks can reduce issues and can be handled with minor air duct repairs. If neglected, the problem will worsen, resulting in spending more money on repairs and air duct replacement.

Improve Indoor Air Quality
A damaged air duct can draw in pollutants, allergens, and other unhealthy elements. All these can be prevented with scheduled cleanup and early duct repair and replacement when required.

Increase The System’s Life
A repaired duct will warrant improved insulation, helping the machine to work smoothly without putting pressure on the coils for heating and cooling, thus increasing the system’s lifespan.

How We Do Air Duct Repair?

We follow three simple steps for any air duct repair.

Step 1: In-depth Inspection
We will visit your property and begin the inspection of the ductwork. It doesn’t matter if it is in the ceiling or in the basement. Our technicians assess the damages and take photos.

Step 2: Make The Quotation
Our inspection fees include the quotation given to you. Based on the extent of the damage, we suggest the air duct repair cost. If needed, our experts will advise you on possible air duct replacement and its cost.

Step 3: We Get The Work Done
Once you agree with our recommendation and the service we will provide our professional air duct replacement and repair team to visit the property and get the work done to your satisfaction.

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It’s important to be aware if your air filters are getting excessively dirty, requiring more frequent replacement. Generally, HVAC filters should be changed every 90 days. If you find yourself replacing them more frequently, it could indicate that something is entering your ductwork. To assess the possibility of damaged ductwork, you have the option to examine it yourself in areas like the basement, attic, or crawl space. Alternatively, our team can conduct a professional inspection for you.

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