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At Air Duct Clean Up, we understand that every property has its own unique requirements, and one size doesn’t fit all. Whether it’s commercial air duct cleaning service, residential dryer vent cleaning, or installation service, as a reputed air duct cleaning company that offers a multitude of services, we tailor-make the price for the customers. Since we provide a plethora of services, from commercial and residential air duct cleaning, repair, installation, dryer vent installation, repair, cleaning, chimney repair, cleaning, chimney cap installation to attic insulation installation, our expert teams are known for modifying the services as per our customer’s requirements and give a customized no-obligation quotation to our clients.
To maintain fair and transparent air duct cleaning pricing, we consider the following categories before giving the quotation for the project.

Property Size

The size of the property, whether it’s residential or commercial, determines the air duct cleaning cost. Typically, a larger space will require more resources and time; hence, the price will be impacted.

Size of the System

The size and complexity of the HVAC system or the dryer vent play a significant role in determining the cost of air duct cleaning. Larger systems with more vents and ductwork may require more time and resources to clean thoroughly, resulting in higher prices


The accessibility of the ductwork, vents, and the attic can also affect the pricing. If the ducts are easy to access and navigate, the cleaning process is likely to be quicker and more efficient, potentially reducing the cost. On the other hand, if vents, ducts, and the attic are located in hard-to-reach areas or require specialized equipment for cleaning, installation, and repairing, it will result in pricing on the higher spectrum.

Level of Contamination

The level of contamination in the air ducts and vents will also impact the pricing. If the ducts have excessive dirt, dust, debris, or mold growth, additional cleaning techniques or treatments may be required to ensure thorough sanitation. This extra effort can contribute to higher prices.

Additional Services

If our customers need additional services, such as sanitization, deodorization, or coil cleaning, which will enhance the overall air quality and performance of the HVAC system, then the total cost of the cleaning will add up to be higher than a normal cleaning job.

Geographic Location

The cost of air duct cleaning can also vary based on the location of the service. Since we offer our services across Texas, factors like local competition, cost of living, labor costs, material prices, and market demand can differ in the pricing in different areas.

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