Air Duct Clean Up

Shoree Sarah MissH

“What a wild ride with Air Duct Clean Up! Picture this: my AC unit was in dire need of some TLC, and these guys came to the rescue. The crew, total pros! Polite as if they were auditioning for the politeness Olympics. And the best part? I paid a cool $590, while Mr. “I’ll Charge… Continue reading Shoree Sarah MissH

Tasos Kaiafas

“Michael is the best! He understands that it’s important to us to have a working exhaust hood to keep our business running properly. I wish he could fix everything in our restaurant and not just the hood because I would hire him every time.”

Daniel McGowan

“Was doing laundry on the weekend and nothing was getting dry so I called for an estimate. Geannis was able to beat any deal and be there Monday morning less than 24 hours after I called. Excellent service, fast and trustworthy.”

Annie T

“Mike came and looked at why my gas logs were not working. He found the issue and gave me 2 options to remedy the issue. Both ways cost the same but option 2 was the best for our household. Yes, I would recommend this company for gas fireplace repair and def would recommend Mike!!”

Antonella Ilarragorri

“Michael was very professional and they did a great job not only cleaning our chimney but also doing the necessary repairs so we can safely use our fireplace.”

Aviran Zohar

“I just had to share my fantastic experience with the air duct cleaning service we got done here in Plano. It was such a smooth and friendly process, I’m still smiling about it! First off, the crew was super punctual – they arrived right on time, which I totally appreciate…”


“Wanted to leave this to say, Geannis was super nice! Despite our dryers super dirty condition, he got it done quick and thoroughly. Will be reccomending this company to my friends!”

Mr. E Nuttz

“Geannis was great! Quick, efficient, and simple it took him no time at all to diagnose the issue, and fixed it up super fast!”

Rebecca Flores

“Geannis was so quick and reliable! He made it so easy to setup.”

LaraJane Pugh

“Great service and excellent customer service!”