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Trends To Follow In 2024 In Residential Air Duct Cleaning In Texas & Globally

29 Mar 2024

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Many people have become aware of internal air quality (IAQ) in the post-pandemic era. In this new scenario, residential air duct cleaning services in Texas and the rest of the world is relevant. Fortunately, with this demand for scheduled HVAC system cleaning, the search for ‘air duct cleaning near me’ has increased. This has resulted in the blossoming of air duct cleaning companies in Texas and the US, offering comprehensive cleaning and a service that will fit everyone’s budget.

That’s not all; in 2024, innovations are becoming a leading factor in the growth of air duct cleaning. For instance, Diakin, one of the leading providers and innovators in high-quality HVAC and air conditioning systems for commercial, residential, and industrial applications, is elevating the maintenance system. Initially, for 2024, they will use technology across North America for their HVAC and air conditioning system, which will incorporate a built-in remote monitoring system to help with predictive maintenance. The process will reduce the time needed to identify the fault or failure in the technician’s system. With the help of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and IoT core, Daikin can receive real-time data for any maintenance.

With such a system in place, commercial and residential air duct cleaning in Texas and the rest of America seems to be set up for a better 2024 air duct cleaning.

The Residential Air Duct Cleaning In Texas To Lookout For In 2024

Texan weather can be quite challenging for its residents; hence, scheduled residential air duct cleaning in Texas is essential. Cleaned air ducts and vents play a crucial role in ensuring the circulated air throughout the home is clean and fresh, devoid of allergens, dust, dirt, and other pollutants. As mentioned earlier, with people becoming conscious about IAQ and the industry blooming, the cost of duct cleaning has reduced significantly.

Affordable HVAC Cleaning Cost: Forbes estimates that a basic air duct repair can cost between $100 and $1,200, whereas annual air duct cleaning in Texas can cost between $100 and $450. This has become possible because HVAC contractors are emerging as crucial players, determining and driving the market as professional residential air duct cleaning companies.

Growth Of The Industry: The residential air duct cleaning market in Texas and across the US was valued at $4.9 billion in 2020. However, according to the Grand View Research Report, between 2021 and 2028, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.2%.

Three Types Of Services In Demand: According to industry experts, three types of residential air duct cleaning in Texas and the rest of North America will be in demand the most; they are ‘source removal,’ where the contaminants are removed from the ductwork physically using specialized equipment and tools. The others are ‘point of contact’ and ‘encapsulation services. The former kills mold in the duct using environmentally friendly chemicals in the ductwork; the latter applies sealants on the ducts to prevent any future contaminations.

Using The Latest Technology: Even when Daikin HERO Cloud Service is not used by the HVAC cleaning companies, residential air duct cleaning in Texas and the US is moving towards becoming more efficient with the latest and most effective robotic system tools for air duct cleaning. These tools have cameras attached to them, and the negative machines and the brushes operate at high speed with an enormous suction capacity to ensure every debris and contaminant is removed.

Why Is Finding The Right Air Duct Cleaning In Texas Important?

In 2024 and the coming years, HVAC contractors will be significant in residential air duct cleaning in Texas and the rest of the country because of their expertise and knowledge. They will continue to evolve and adapt to new technology, rules and regulations, and customer demands. The rules, regulations, and standards for residential air duct cleaning will change. A professional air duct cleaning company will ensure they adhere to those rules and provide the best cost-effective service.

If you are in Texas, call us for your residential air duct cleaning and other services.

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